Alto-Shaam and Manitowoc Ice named as FEJ announce this year's top pieces of commercial kitchen kit


FEJ Winners


The catering equipment market has had a lot to contend with this year but one consistent feature of the sector is its ability to launch fantastic products! From spring all the way through to winter, the calendar has been populated by the introduction of new kit designed to make life easier, safer, faster and more profitable for operators. 

Foodservice Equipment Journal created six catergories (Innovation, Enegy Efficiency, Design-Led, Functionality and Vaue & Usability) and invited the indutry to vote for their winners. 

Lets take a look at our manufacturer's winning products:


Alto-Shaam Vector VMC H4H Multi-Cook Oven

The VMC-H4H Vector multi-cook oven is four ovens in one and uses radical new technology to provide operators with the flexibility of cooking different products quickly, at the same time.

Each chamber is independently controlled, with its own time, temperature and fan settings, ensuring no risk. The Vector’s ‘Structured Air Technology’ delivers a high velocity, vertical airflow from the bottom and top of each chamber.

The vertical airflow means when the door is opened, very little heat escapes. Its ventless operation, the fact that it needs no water connection, and its compact footprint mean a Vector oven can be placed virtually anywhere. Cooking programmes make it easy to operate.


View the Vector VMC-H4H Multi-Cook Oven


Manitowoc Ice Indigo NXT Series iT0420 Ice Machine

The Indigo NXT Series iT0420 is among the most efficient ice machines on the market, providing facilities with an improved energy efficiency of 25%, lower water consumption of 21% and an increase in daily ice production of 40% compared to the previous i-0322 model.

Manitowoc Ice claims to be the only company offering machines with R410A refrigerant, ensuring lower energy consumption and greener production of ice.

Foodservice operators can programme the machine so that it closes down during peak energy times and reduces running costs. The company says that more than a half a million hours of testing went into developing the system prior to roll-out.

View the Manitowoc Ice Indigo NXT iT0420 Ice Machine


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