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Our latest Hamilton Beach blender whizzes up 2 litre summer cocktails fast



The Hamilton Beach Commercial blender, the HBH755-UK Eclipse, is perfect for operators looking to keep up with the demand for pitchers of fruity summer cocktails. It’s efficient, programmable and, unlike most blenders, quiet. Plus, it features a 2-litre container making it the perfect solution when the summer cocktail orders are coming in thick and fast.

The HBH755-UK Eclipse keeps the cocktails as smooth as the operation, thanks to Hamilton Beach Commercial’s patented Wave-Action system. Ordinary blenders spin their contents around the walls of the container, leaving whole chunks untouched by the blades. The Wave-Action System, with specially designed container and blade, continuously forces the contents down onto the blades for super-creamy results every time.

It’s perfect for blending cocktails, such as daiquiris and margaritas, ensuring there are no chunks of fruit or ice. For example, a strawberry daiquiri ice (recipe below) can be made effortlessly in large quantities in the HBH755-UK Eclipse, with the blender doing all the hard work.

It’s quiet, too. The Eclipse benefits from Hamilton Beach Commercial’s QuietBlend technology to make it the company’s quietest commercial blender – blending as quietly as a normal conversation at 60-70 dB. It sits within a QuietShield, which seals it tightly and significantly blocks the sound of its operation. Air is taken in from the bottom of the machine and then emitted through a small exhaust at the rear base of the unit, further reducing noise.

As well as working more quietly, the Eclipse is more efficient, reliable and easy to use than many traditional blenders. Its powerful 3 Hp motor and durable metal drive clutch are built to last, while its touchscreen and programmable design make the blender very user friendly.

The Eclipse keeps cool under pressure thanks to its advanced airflow design, which requires significantly less air for cooling, compared to conventional blenders and mixers, virtually eliminating the risk of overheating. If the Eclipse does start to get hot, it notifies the operator, with a simple instruction on how to run its cool down cycle.

The Hamilton Beach Commercial HBH755-UK Eclipse blender is available with a 3-year warranty and lifetime warranty on the blade and motor drive coupling.


Strawberry Daiquiri Ice Recipe


3 cups sliced frozen strawberries (If using fresh strawberries, slice and freeze spread out on a baking sheet until frozen solid)

3 tablespoons light rum

3 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon lime juice

Swizzle stick or sprig of mint for garnish


Place all the ingredients (apart from the garnish) into the Hamilton Beach Commercial HBH755-UK Eclipse blender and process until smooth. Always put the liquid ingredients in first, followed by the strawberries. Blend for a few seconds until combined and the desired consistency.

Serve immediately with the swizzle stick or sprig of mint for garnish.

Alternatively, to save time and make use of the HBH755-UK Eclipse’s large capacity, the recipe can be prepared up to two days in advance and stored in the freezer until 5 to 15 minutes prior to serving. The rum lowers the freezing point of ice, which helps it maintain a smooth texture. Then place the frozen mixture into a refrigerator or on the counter to soften enough to be scooped.

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