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10% off selected Alto-Shaam Heating & Holding!
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Megan Nesbitt

4th July 2019

10% off selected Alto-Shaam Heating & Holding!

Save 10% off your current buying price on Alto-Shaam Heating & Holding Equipment until August 31st 2019

For a limited time only, save an additional 10% on selected Alto-Shaam heated holding cabinets and heated banquet carts. This offer applies to:

Holding Cabinets; 300-S, 500-S, 750-S, 1000-S, 1200-S/SR, 1000-UP, 1200-UP/SR

Banquet Carts; 1000-BQ2/96, 1000-BQ2/128, 1000-BQ2/192

Alto-Shaam Heated Holding Advantages

  • HALO HEAT - The key to quality holding is to preserve as much natural product moisture as possible and that's exactly what the gentle holding capability of Halo Heat is designed to accomplish
  • No added humidity - Adding steam to held foods waters down the taste and can overcook food. None of Alto-Shaam's Heated Holding products use water vapour to maintain temperature or moisture
  • No drying out - Another culprit in robbing food of flavour is convection fans. Even though it's circulating warm air, it's also drying out your food at the same time
  • Precise heat management - The soft-gentle Halo Heat heats food gently and consistently, from top to bottom, for hours at a time


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