Essentials Catalogue 2019: What's New (Part 1)
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Megan Nesbitt

29th March 2019

Essentials Catalogue 2019: What's New (Part 1)

Launching in March, take a peek at our brand new catalogue

As we approach the launch of our Essentials 2019 catalogue, we take a look at some of the exciting new products coming your way...


Cambro GoBag™ Delivery Bags

A range of catering and pizza bags constructed using breathable materials and high-density insulation to ensure that food maintains hot or cold during holding and delivey. 

Essentials Catalogue 2019, pages 82 & 83


Pujadas Allergen-Free Polypropylene Gastronorm Pans

Use to store allergen-free bulk products and ingredients in coolers, freezers or pantries. Great for transportation and microwave cooking.

Essentials Catalogue 2019, page 125


Hamilton Beach Commercial 8L Countertop Mixer

A high performance countertop mixer with a liftable head and die-cast aluminium, perfect for medium-duty mixing. 

Essentials Catalogue 2019, page 11


Manitowoc Ice Indigo NXT Modular Icemakers

'The next level of ice machine', Manitowoc Ice's new line of modular icemakers brings the next level of simplicity, sanitation, energy efficiency and reliability to ice making.

Essentials Catalogue 2019, page 101


Click here to download the Essentials Catalogue 2019 PDF.

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