Essentials Catalogue 2019: What's New (Part 2)
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Megan Nesbitt

29th March 2019

Essentials Catalogue 2019: What's New (Part 2)

Launching in March, take a peek at our brand new catalogue

As we approach the launch of our Essentials 2019 catalogue, we take a look at some of the exciting new products coming your way...


Alto-Shaam Vector™ F-Series Multi-Cook Oven

Perfect for high-volume batch cooking. Save valuable kitchen space replacing two traditional ovens with the Vector™ F-Series. Combine chambers to cook taller items by time or probe. 

Essentials Catalogue 2019, page 49


Cambro Versa Century Wood Grain Trays

Combining the authentic look of wood grain with lasting durability, Versa Century Trays are ideal for use in high-traffic self-serve restaurants with modern rustic decor.

Essentials Catalogue 2019, page 174


Hamilton Beach Commercial PrimaVac™ Chamber Vacuum Packers

PrimaVac™ provides kitchens with the flexibility needed for a wide range of tasks, from retaining food's freshness and colour to giving chefs the ability to easily store, preserve, marinate, or sous vide a variety of dishes. 

Essentials Catalogue 2019, page 27


Pujadas Allergen-Free Cookware

Cookware made of stainless steel especially designed to avoid cross-contamination of allergens.

Essentials Catalogue 2019, page 135


Click here to download the Essentials Catalogue 2019 PDF.

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