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FEM Shortlisted as Light Equipment Supplier of the Year
Sophie Scott

5th November 2019

FEM Shortlisted as Light Equipment Supplier of the Year

FEM shortlisted in the Light Equipment Supplier of the Year category for the Catering Insight Awards 2019.

FEM is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted in the Light Equipment Supplier of the Year category for the Catering Insight Awards 2019.  This award celebrates a manufacturer who has created an innovative piece or range of light equipment which provides a step-change for the industry.

The winner of the 2019 award will be revealed on Thursday 28th November at The Banking Hall, London as senior members of the UK catering equipment industry vote on the winners, with supplier executives deciding the distributor category victors, and vice versa.

We have launched numerous new light equipment product innovations from our brands over the year including, the Manitowoc Indigo NXT Modular Icemakers, the next generation of ice machine. The Indigo NXT Series adds a more energy-efficient dimension to Manitowoc’s established Indigo range.  With one-touch access to all operating data and programmable ice production and scheduling, the NXT ice makers boast up to 31% lower energy consumption, a 16% reduction in potable water usage and a 32% reduction in condenser water usage.

Other new additions to our light equipment portfolio over the year have included the Hamilton Beach High Performance Countertop Mixer with variable 7-speed dial and pulse function that allows for speed changes while mixing, the San Jamar Saf-T-Scoop & Guardian With Alarm which provides safe and dedicated scoop storage and the Pujadas Allergen-Free Polypropylene GN Pans and lid range.

One of our brands, Cambro, has also been shortlisted within the Light Equipment Supplier category after a series of innovative product launches this year, including the Wood Grain Century Trays, which look and feel like wood, yet are made of hard-wearing polyester; the CamShelving Flex station, a practical, hygienic mobile display rack for grab and go; and the GoBag, a lightweight, hot/cold food transport solution, and the enhancement of the GoBox range with the launch of the Cam GoHeat Warming Tray for transporting hot food at safe temperatures for extended periods.

Heavy equipment is at the heart of the commercial kitchen, and thanks to Alto-Shaam’s Structured Air Technology within the Vector series of multi-cook ovens, they too have been shortlisted for this year’s award but within the Supplier Heavy Equipment category, sponsored by Commercial Kitchen.  The Vector multi-cook ovens can cook twice as much food up to two-times faster than their traditional counterparts.  The patented technology enables high velocity, focused heat for faster, more even cooking.  Featuring up to four independent chambers, users can control the temperature, fan speed and time in each oven chamber for maximum flexibility.  The latest Vector H countertop model features a new design, advanced user-friendly interface, and the ability to customise each oven with colours to match a customer’s desired front-of-house experience.

As in previous years, the Supplier awards will again showcase the innovation of manufacturers across the industry - we are looking forward to celebrating this year’s catering industry achievements!


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