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Stacey Archibald

1st November 2016

Affordable, functional and efficient


We now supplies Cambro’s front-loading EPP Cam GoBoxes, an insulated food transporting solution that is affordable, practical and efficient.

Our Cam GoBoxes are ultra-lightweight due to their eco-friendly, high-performance EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) foam construction. Despite this, the Cam GoBoxes are strong and durable enabling them to withstand heavy commercial use and substantial impact without damage. They offer great structural strength which means they are capable of handling heavy loads, whilst maintaining their shape and form.

The Cam GoBoxes offer superior temperature retention, holding hot or cold food at the optimum, safe temperature for many hours during transit. Designed to hold 1/1 GN pans, the front-loading Cam GoBoxes can be used along with Camwarmers, Camchillers and thermobarriers if extended holding times are required.

The front-loading Cam GoBoxes feature double hinges and latches which allow the lid to remain fully and securely open so that the operator can have 270° access. A bevelled door edge ensures the box can be easily and smoothly closed and securely latched shut.

The front-loading Cam GoBoxes have built-in handles along the top which allows them to be easily carried from all four sides. A built-in condensation barrier helps the front-loaders to remain drip-resistant. The boxes feature a built-in label area to aid staff in identifying the contents or the required destination.

The Cam GoBoxes are dishwasher safe, CFC-free and are 100% recyclable at the end of their service life. As the GoBoxes are chemically inert, they are unaffected by oil, grease and most chemicals.

The front-loading Cam GoBoxes are available with a 60 litre capacity or 86 litre capacity. The 60 litre EPP300 model measures 645mm (w) x 440mm (d) and 475mm (h) and is capable of holding four 65mm 1/1 GN Pans. The EPP300 front-loading Cam GoBoxes are available from FEM distributors.

We also supplies the top-loading Cam GoBoxes, as well as Camwarmers, Camchillers, thermobarriers, plastic ID labels and Camdollys.

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