Alto-Shaam portable Smoker Cook and Hold oven
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Stacey Archibald

10th November 2014

Cook, smoke and hold: Faster, easier and (now) on the move

Smoking food not only gives it a delicious flavour and aroma, but it tenderises, cures and preserves meat and fish, as well. Alto-Shaam range of Smoker Cook and Hold ovens allow chefs to offer in-house smoked food quickly and easily. The latest electric smoker Cook and Hold oven (model 767-SK/III) is designed for smaller venues.

With a footprint of 653mm (W) x 805mm (d) x 851mm (h) the Alto-Shaam 767-SK/III has a capacity of 45kg and can hold up to nine full size gastronorm pans. As the ovens combine the benefits of a smoker and a cook and hold oven there is no need for two separate units and it won’t stand idle. It’s portable too, so can be easily moved and used where required.

The Alto-Shaam Smoker Cook and Hold oven allows chefs to flavour food with real wood smoke, so chefs don’t need to add extra artificial ingredients to get the depth of taste they require. It uses pure woodchips, which are placed inside a smoker box in the cavity of the oven. The smoking process induces a natural enzyme action in meat which makes it especially tender and flavoursome.

The ovens allow faster smoking in a closed, temperature-controlled cavity. The smoke timer controls the intensity of the smoke flavour, the temperature and the duration of smoking.

The Smoker Cook and Hold ovens can cook, hot smoke and hold meats, poultry and fish as well as being able to cold smoke fish and cheese. They are designed to cut costs, using less energy than conventional ovens. The patented SureTemp™ heat recovery system assures immediate compensation for any heat loss whenever the door is opened and provides an audible reminder if the door has been left open for more than three minutes.

The ovens have a non-magnetic stainless steel interior, racks and shelves and the ovens are stackable for additional capacity. Eight programmable menu options and a temperature probe allow chefs to fully control the cooking. The oven is mounted on castors and comes with an internal drip pan, two wire shelves and one rib rack, an external drip tray and a sample bag of woodchips.

The ovens are supplied with a full one-year parts and labour warranty and a lifetime warranty on Cook and Hold elements for the original purchaser. Additional woodchips are available from in 9kg packs. There are four different types of wood – apple, cherry, hickory and maple – to suit the type of food being cooked.

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