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The Benefits of Waterless Food Wells
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Sophie Scott

6th February 2020

The Benefits of Waterless Food Wells

Why Choose Waterless Hot Food Wells? Get the top five benefits to using waterless food wells with radiant heat from Alto-Shaam.

It’s tough to keep food fresh and appealing when it’s exposed to harsh, inconsistent temperatures such as airflow, steam, and other ambient conditions that degrade the quality and increase costs due to food shrinkage and waste.  It’s not long before fresh food becomes dry or overcooked and ends up in the garbage.

But with Alto-Shaam’s Hot Food Wells, gentle Halo Heat technology surrounds each heated food well with precisely controlled, even heat so there is no need for steam, long recovery times or extreme temperature swings.

Less waste, lower food costs, and more sales mean that more money goes back into your bottom line.

Traditionally steam tables have been the go-to hot food well technology.  However, while steam tables keep food hot, they also continue the cooking process by boiling water to create steam.

This method of heat transfer often results in burnt edges, dried out meat, shorter holding times and increased food waste.  Not to mention, steam tables pose space limitations with the need for additional water hook-ups and filtration systems, depending on the operation’s water quality.



Why Choose Waterless Hot Food Wells

Here are the top five benefits to using waterless food wells with radiant heat:

Space and Operation Savings

With Alto-Shaam’s waterless food wells, operators can maximise space without the need for plumbing.  Waterless food wells can be dropped into any surface—allowing operators to take advantage of extra storage space beneath the countertop.
Waterless food wells are energy efficient, can save your business money, and installation only takes a few simple steps. 

Lower Maintenance Costs

Waterless wells require no maintenance or installation costs associated with plumbing and water.  Steam tables need to be descaled if a water filtration system is not in place, which adds an additional expense for operators.  And if the steam table is dried up, the well can be scorched to the point of needing replacement. 

Improved Food Quality

During busy service, it's easy to forget to refill steam tables. Once low on water, the food will heat unevenly, and food quality diminishes.  More recent dry well solutions pose similar food quality challenges by using harsh heating sources, such as fans that can evaporate the moisture out of the food.  With Alto-Shaam’s Halo Heat® technology, waterless food wells provide a gentle, radiant heating source which evenly surrounds the pan. Operators can set it and forget it—knowing that food will maintain its natural moisture and overall quality. 

Safer Work Environment

Burns caused by hot liquid and steam are the most common injuries in the kitchen.  Scald burns can be serious and life-threatening.  With waterless hot food wells, employees no longer need to refill or drain scalding water reducing the risk of injury. 

Safer Food

Surrounding food with thermal cabling, Alto-Shaam’s waterless food wells produce more consistent holding temperatures than harsher heating sources.  When employees refill steam tables with a new batch of water, the temperature can drop quickly and take a long time to recover.  This increases the risk of food falling within the "danger zone,” whereas a waterless well provides a stable heat source and extends food holding time. 

Hot Food Wells provide optimal holding temperatures with an adjustable thermostat that can be flush-mounted into the counter or a location out of sight from customers.  Set ideal holding temperatures for any dish with an individual well, and increase sales with attractive food presentation and quality

Available in sizes ranging from a single full-size hotel pan wide, up to five pans wide. 

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