Carpaccio of Tuna with Passion Fruit Sauce
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26th February 2014


Light carpaccio of tuna recipe for a refreshing starter with a bit of a kick - perfect for restaurant service 

Sirman slicer ensures perfect portions

The stock in my nearby fishmonger has been affected by the bad weather recently. He told me that I have to be early and if possible, I should order the day before. I went late on Saturday (forgetting to order on Friday!) and there was hardly any fish in the shop. My friends had requested “Duke’s fish pie” and I couldn’t fulfil their wishes - I blamed the weather and why not? Everyone else does! I was in the car driving back home empty handed when I remembered of this tuna Carpaccio I prepared previously. It was in the freezer - all I needed was to get few passion fruits and that’s it - starter done! This recipe is very easy, healthy, delicate and done in no time. It’s great for restaurant service or home dinner parties. Take it out of the freezer on time, semi defrost and thaw at the correct temperature. Slice on a slicer for the perfect slice then assemble and serve right before service.

Prep time 40min – Freeze overnight (or for a couple of weeks)

1kg tuna loin (serve 50-65 grams as a starter portion)
2tbs of French grain Dijon mustard (or use English as substitute)
Maldon salt
Mixed black and red peppercorns (coarsely crushed)
1kg passion fruit (whole fruit)
Acacia honey to taste (preferably Mediterranean acacia)
Jalapeno chillies to taste cut (deseeded)
Dried mixed herbs to taste
¼ cup lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
1 cup orange juice (freshly squeezed)
5 Cardamom out of pods
Rocket salad
Fresh capers (optional)
Olive oil

Equipment and Utensils
Sirman Slicer
Sirman or Vollrath Induction Hob
Vollrath Gastronorm Pan
Vollrath Frying Pan
Vollrath Tongs
Spoodle (portion control!)
Fish knife (razor sharp)


1) Cut the tuna loin lengthwise in even quadrant, long strips. Brush with mustard then sprinkle with salt and mixed herbs. Wrap it tight in clingfilm and leave in fridge long enough to form the shape you want.
2) In the meantime, cut all the passion fruit and scoop with a teaspoon in to a strainer, placed above the mixing ball. Once it’s all emptied use a whisk or ladle to sieve the pulp through leaving only passion fruit pulp in a bowl.
3) Then add honey, half of the lemon juice, orange juice and cardamom. Mix it all well creating an emulsion. It should taste zingy and refreshing (not acidic) with a sweet undertone. Cover and leave in the fridge to infuse the flavours.
4) Take the loin out, unwrap the clingfilm and scoop the remaining mustard off the clingfilm Then apply another brush layer of mustard on the loin.
5) Oil the frying pan just slightly and when it’s hot pat it with a kitchen towel leaving just a film of oil at the bottom of the pan.
6) Sprinkle coarse salt on all sides of the tuna then carefully lift the loin and place it in the hot pan. Watch as the heat penetrates the loin quickly. Count to 30 and seal for the same amount of time on all sides. Do not cook quickly - you are a making a “Carpaccio”!
7) Once the tuna is sealed, cook or blast chill. Once cooled wrap it quickly and tightly in cling film, ensuring you keeping the required form. Place in freezer.
8) Back to your sauce once again. Push the sauce through a fine strainer again, taste it and check the consistency. It should be velvety and thick as the cardamom should have infused its flavour in to it. Taste and correct if it is too sweet or too sour.
9) Once ready to serve: Thaw the meat until it’s semi defrosted and then slice using a Sirman slicer (it’s easier to slice and control the thickness at that stage). Slice 5mm thick slices. Slice as many portions you need, and place on a tray with clingfilm. Then let the slices thaw completely.
10) To assemble this perfect starter pour some sauce at the bottom of the plate and arrange your plate with three or five slices (check out the photo) and roll up the rocket leaves in your hands and place on top. Sprinkle with chillies and a touch of black and red peppercorns. You can also use berries that are in season for garnish and to wash the palate.

The recipe is versatile for service; the dish tastes refreshing, light with a bit of a chilli kick.

Hope this puts a smile on your face.

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