Cold Smoked Duck
FEM Chef

18th June 2014


A combination of flavours your customers will love: cold smoked duck on Jack Daniels soaked oakwood, served with celeriac remoulade

Serve with Chablis in summer

Customers will love this combination of flavours whether it’s summer, winter, spring or autumn. The flavours take me to places, usually cosy and mellow, and taste great followed by sharp cold Chablis in summer or Pinotage in winter months. We’ll make a remoulade first and let it rest in the fridge overnight. Then we’ll do the same with the smoked duck to get all the flavours settled and infused in the breast. If you are hungry then don’t try this recipe right now, because you will have to wait at least 48 hours!

Alto-Shaam Smoker Oven
Sirman TM1 Vegetable Processor
Vollrath Gastronorm Pan

Step One: Prepare Celeriac Remoulade (for 30-35 portions)

Celeriac bulbs (well cleaned and peeled)
1 litre mayonnaise
3 tablespoons whole grain mustard
Italian parsley/flat parsley (chopped)
Salt/white pepper (for seasoning)

1) Finely cut the celeriac bulbs using the Sirman TM1 Vegetable Processor, and use the Julienne blade.
2) Next soak the celeriac in lemon juice, so that it will not change colour.
3) Add mayonnaise, mustard and seasoning. Fold all ingredients together and leave overnight.
4) Just before serving, add chopped parsley and mix thoroughly.

Step Two: Prepare Cold Smoked Duck (for 30-35 portions)

10 duck breasts
Oak woodchip
1 litre Jack Daniels
Juniper berries

1) Soak the oak woodchips in a Jack Daniels juniper berry marinade for 48 hours.
2) After 48 hours, take the woodchips out of the bourbon and lay on a kitchen towel. Pat them dry and leave to further dry, although not completely! Ensure the woodchips are soaked and moist with bourbon flavour. You can soak the wood chip in different marinades or just water, depending on the flavour you wish to infuse.
3) Insert the tray of woodchips into the smoker box in the Alto-Shaam Smoker Oven. Place a Vollrath Gastronorm Pan filled with ice right above the tray of wood chips to ensure as cool an ambiance temperature as possible. (When cold smoking in the Shaam the only element “on” or heating is the one igniting the soaked wood chip in the tray, together with smoke it raises the temperature a couple of degrees but it does not start the cooking process. Placing a gastronome with ice just ensures cool smoke).
4) Set the smoking time for 30 minutes and place the duck breast directly onto the shelf on a perforated tray - you want the smoke to envelope the duck.
5) Now it’s all ready. Press start and you are smoking!
6) After 30 minutes, the product is ready. Let the smoke settle for a while. Then, take the duck breasts out, lay on a clean tray and place back in the fridge overnight.

Step Three: Serve

1) Pre-heat the oven to 165°C.
2) Score the duck skin carefully – ensure that you do not cut in to the flesh.
3) Put a light coat of olive oil in the pan. When hot add the duck breast (skin facing down) and pan fry for 30 seconds. The skin will turn golden brown quicker than usual, because of the smoke coating.
4) Turn around and pan fry for 3 minutes then place in a hot oven for 4-5 minutes. I like my duck pink and most of my customers do too – it’s the only way to eat it. At times I just pan fry it and let it rest then move it back into the fridge until it’s time to serve.
5) Arrange the remoulade on the plate as you wish then thinly slice the duck and lay it on the plate.
6) There are plenty service variations - my favourites are reduced port, red wine, honey and cinnamon touch sauce. I reduce it to a texture of old balsamic vinegar and make it intense in flavour – meaning a few drops are enough. My good friend and chef Martin, would serve smoked duck hot with fluffy mushed potato and red wine sauce. I don’t over smoke the duck either leaving its natural flavour, with subtle touch of smoke.

Hope this puts a smile on your face!

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