Colour Code Your Kitchen
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Clare Borland

23rd August 2013


Brighten up workstations, ensure food safety and accurate portion control with these colour-coded utensils

A bright idea

Whether helping to avoid cross-contamination or ensuring staff use the correct portion size, colour coding procedures are key for ensuring safe and efficient food preparation. Colour coding is a simple procedure and it’s easy for staff to understand and follow colour procedures. Colours are universal and are understood by all nationalities. Let’s take a look at some kitchen utensils that will brighten up any workstation.

Colour Portioning

Vollrath colour coded utensils are perfect for ensuring consistent portioning. Each size of utensil has a different colour for quick identification and staff are trained to use a specific colour for a specific food. For example, if a menu item calls for 2 ounces of veg then use the blue utensil!

Colour coded utensils include Vollrath dishers, ladles and spoodles. Manufactured according to rigid specifications, consistency is ensured every time. Did you know that consistently over-portioning a £6-per-pound product just ½ an ounce adds almost 19p to the serving cost? If you did that 100 times a day, you lose £133 a week – almost £7,000 a year. And that’s just one product!

Colour and Cut

Reduce cross-contamination by using dedicated coloured cutting boards to prepare certain types of food. The San Jamar Saf-T-Grip Cutting Boards operate a Kolor-Cut™ System and are available in red, green, yellow, blue, white and beige. This allows users to keep different types of food apart, for example preparing cooked meats on a yellow board and uncooked meats on a red board.

View Vollrath Colour Coded Dishers

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