Coming Soon: Tribute® Cookware for Even Cooking
Product News
Clare Borland

8th February 2013


NEW to FEM Essentials 2013 catalogue: Vollrath’s range of Tribute® Cookware, perfect for cooking evenly and without hotspots

The range includes frying pans stir fry pans, sauce pans, sauciers, braziers, sauté pans, stock pots and covers.

Vollrath’s range of Tribute cookware heats evenly without hotspots.  The cooking surfaces are all stainless steel – non reactive to taste and colour. The exterior is 18-0 stainless steel – easy to clean and ideal for gas, electric and induction. 

These products will be in our Essentials 2013 catalogue (available soon).  In the meantime you can contact us for more information.


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