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Dice ice taken to the next level
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Megan Nesbitt

12th July 2019

Dice ice taken to the next level

FEM introduces Manitowoc Ice’s Indigo NXT Series of modular ice machines

Food Equipment Marketing (FEM) has launched Manitowoc Ice’s newest modular dice ice cube machine range, the Indigo NXT Series. The updated models add a new dimension to the pre-existing Indigo range, with improvements made to ensure they are more user friendly, energy efficient and reliable, and offer the highest levels of hygiene.

Central to the ease of control for operators using the NXT Series is a 70mm reflective touch screen. This is the hub for all of the ice machine’s features, displaying its status, step-by-step cleaning guidance and one-touch access to all operating data. It also minimises human error by providing a start-up wizard to simplify the installation and ice machine set-up process. Firmware functional upgrades can be easily uploaded by using the USB port.

In order to offer a greener option and improve efficiency, Indigo NXT Series models use R410A refrigerant. This is more environmentally friendly and has 48% less global warming potential than previous models. Meanwhile, programmable ice production and scheduling – including documenting ice volume, the on/off time and bin level – help reduce the day to day running costs of operation. As a result, the NXT ice makers are up to 43% more efficient than previous modular models, and water usage has been reduced by an average of 23%.

Reliability throughout the range is enhanced by the extensive process that Manitowoc Ice used to trial the NXT Series, with more than half a million hours of testing spent during development. To provide assistance in adapting to its environment, some of the NXT machines feature built-in Active Sense software and hardware, which collects data to predict the optimal freeze times for the ice machine.

The highest level of sanitation is paramount to operating an ice machine, and the Indigo NXT Series’ built-in features help make it even easier to keep things clean. A Duratech exterior offers a corrosion resistant surface, and a wipe-clean clear coating keeps it spotless ensuring fingerprints and dirt don’t leave a mark. A front-facing evaporator provides easy access for cleaning the foodzone, while a LuminIce growth inhibitor controls the development of bacteria and yeast within the interior, keeping the machine cleaner, for longer. The new, ergonomic scoop eliminates hand contact when extracting cubes, by keeping the knuckles and thumb away from the ice.

Manitowoc Ice suggests pairing the Indigo NXT with the D-bin range of ice storage bins. The largest NXT Series model, the IDT1900A, produces up to 828kg in 24 hours, and works in tandem with the D970 ice storage bin, which can hold up to 322kg. The smallest NXT is the IDF0300A. It is 762mm wide by 662mm deep and 419mm tall, can deliver 141kg in 24 hours and is best paired with the D400 ice storage bin, which holds up to 131kg of ice.

The FEM package for Manitowoc Ice Indigo NXT Series models includes a warranty of five years parts and labour on the evaporator, plus five years parts and three years labour on the compressor, and three years parts and labour on all other components.

View the Manitowoc Ice Indigo NXT Modular Ice Maker range.
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