FEM Wins Award for Pujadas CUBIC Range
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Stacey Archibald

5th June 2017

FEM launches Pujadas CUBIC modular display systems that grow and change with any menu 

FEM wins award for the newly launched Pujadas CUBIC modular display system at the CESA Light Equipment & Tableware Forum.  The modular displayware, designed to change and adapt to the needs of any menu was awarded the Featured Product Award which was voted for by attendees at the event.

When it comes to displays, caterers are looking for equipment that draws customers in and makes the most of the space available, as well as being able to be adapted to suit changes in menu, settings and demand. FEM’s new Pujadas CUBIC buffet display range allows operators to purchase components over time and build the display up – and change it – as the venue, menu or budget dictates.The Pujadas CUBIC range includes stackable cubes that operators can build up and arrange in multiple combinations as well as supporting shelves, in a range of lengths and depths, and presentation kits to cater for a range of purposes.

For example, the two-level presentation kit comprises of four stackable cubes with lids, a support crossbar, one narrow shelf and two displayers that each hold four melamine bowls (included). This kit is ideal for salads, dips, etc. and can be used as a standalone display or intermingled with other items in the range. A variation of this kit is available, which includes two 40 x 40cm trays instead of the bowls and displayers. The trays are angled between the stackable cubes, so that the customers can see and easily access the contents.

Also in the range is a breakfast buffet displayer kit which includes all operators need to offer self-serve breads, pastries and juices. The kit includes a 60 x 40cm serving tray and a 6 litre juice dispenser and stand, alongside the stackable cubes, shelf and crossbar.

Other items in the range include a three-level 2/3 GN stand, wooden serving trolleys that can be transformed into additional presentation tables, as well as cutlery and napkin trays.

The system is quick and easy to assemble, disassemble, transport and store, making it suitable for event catering. The wooden trays, shelves and cubes are available in black or white.

Pujadas is one of Spain’s leading manufacturers of commercial cookware, kitchen utensils and buffet display products, boasting a reputation for innovative ideas appealing directly to chefs. FEM is the Master Distributor for Pujadas products in the UK & Ireland.

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