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23rd July 2013


Perfect for busy kitchens, this fruity dessert is a great summer healthy menu option

Healthy, refreshing summer recipe

This recipe was first introduced to me by a Brazilian friend of mine many years ago. I reinvented, twisted and adjusted it for industrial kitchen service. It can be prepared well in advance and stored for 5 days – it’s great summer time menu option and a good money maker. Served cold, it fits every occasion and yes, it does require a bit of preparation and work but it’s worth every minute. It’s refreshing, healthy and you can take it further, if you want, by adding variety of nuts, serve it with different sorbets, or simply load it with Tequila, mojitos, or blackberry and elderflower pimms, if that’s how you like your fruit desserts.  What I like about this dessert is that you can make it well in advance and add a scoop of sorbet as it leaves the kitchen.  For this recipe you will not need any local ingredients.


(makes 12 portions)
6 large mangos
16 Jaffa oranges / Mazowe oranges (smaller juicier types)
250gr acacia honey
2 large whole pineapples (firm not over ripe)
2 limes
10 cloves
2 vanilla pods split

For strawberry coulis:
Caster sugar

The Lime Sorbet or Ice cream (healthier option frozen yogurt) can be bought in or made at home – it’s up to you!

Hamilton Beach Tournant HBF600-UK Blender
Hamilton Beach Manual Juicer
Alto Shaam Cook and Hold Oven
Sirman Blast Chiller
Vollrath SuperPan3 Gastronorm Pan
Vollrath Dishers


1) Peel mangos and cut however you like - it’s going in the blender anyway! Juice 10 oranges / flesh of 6 oranges.

2) Preheat your Shaam to 150°C - it will take 45mins.

3) Place your mangos and orange flesh together in the blender with some orange juice. Rrrrr! 4minutes later you will have mango and orange pulp. Pour all the pulp in gastronorm tray and add remaining orange juice. Also add honey, vanilla pods, and cloves and stir well to dissolve all the honey.

4) Peel the pineapple, ensuring clean flesh, and slice in 4 cm discs. Place the pineapple discs in the mango and orange juice - they should be just covered.

5) Once the Shaam is ready, place the gastronorm on a shelf in the middle of the oven and reduce cooking temp to 120°C with both vents open. Slide the probe in the core centre of the disc (not the flesh) and cook by probe to 50°C. Once done take them out the oven.

6) Take the pineapple discs out of the juices and place in a second gastronorm pan.

7) Place both pans in the blast chillier and and bring your cooking temp down between 3°C to 5°C. Both pineapple discs and mango and orange gaspacho will be well chilled by then.

8) Put the juices through the blender once again and blend well for couple of minutes. Push the blended juice through a fine wire mesh strainer; pushing through with the back of the spatula to extract as much juices as possible, you will end up with this most delicious velvety cold refreshing soup, gaspacho or couli, to serve pineapple discs with.

9) Once the discs are chilled, slice the discs through, creating two 2cm out of one 4 cm. Then with the apple corer take the centre core out.  This part of the dessert is done and you are now left with layup. I serve it either in it's juices, or make a strawberry coulis and serve the pineapple discs with lime sorbet on a pool of coulis.

10) For the strawberry coulis, place all ingredients in the blender and whizz for couple of minutes.

11) When done, push the juice through a fine mesh strainer, pushing through with the back of the spoon. That’s it: coulis is done! It’s sharp and tangy, and it’s an extremely versatile sauce. It keeps up for a week in an air tight container.

Hope this puts smile on your face, and if it does then smile and enjoy spoonful’s!

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