Guard your ice hygiene with the Saf-T-Ice
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Stacey Archibald

3rd July 2017

Radical ice scoop and transport system protect ice from contamination


As the media lights up with unhygienic ice stories again, FEM is offering a solution: the Saf-T-Scoop from San Jamar. Its radical design has a guard that protects the ice from contact with the user’s hand, so that ice is kept as safe and contamination-free as possible.

The Scoop is supplied with the Guardian storage system. This can be easily sited beside the ice machine, and fully encloses the scoop when not in use, ensuring it is not contaminated by contact with, for example, the counter top. When it’s required, staff can quickly grab the scoop’s handle and get to work.

The Guardian has a variety of mounting systems, including brackets and suction pads.

Another key hygiene danger area is transporting ice, for example from a back of house storage area to the front of house counter or bar. The solution is the Saf-T-Ice Tote, a dedicated transport system for ice. The Tote has a hook that fits on the side of the ice machine, so there’s no need to hold it while filling takes place. Once full, staff pop the lid on and can either carry it to where it’s required or load it onto the Saf-T-Ice Dolly, which can hold and easily transport up to two full Totes. The system ensures that ice can be transported hygienically.

“Ice hygiene is regularly in the spotlight,” says Mark Hogan of FEM. “As well as being a major food safety issue, the bad press can have a huge impact on business. These systems are an inexpensive and simple way to control the problem.”


The Saf-T-Scoop with Guardian storage system comes in a variety of sizes.
They are available through FEM distributors nationwide.


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