Keeping the lid on self-serve hygiene and mess
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Stacey Archibald

13th July 2017

New and improved Vollrath LidSaver 2 dispensers



Foodservice operations are careful about hygiene, but self-serve areas are often left untended for long periods. Drink lids are notoriously difficult to dispense causing mess, poor hygiene and waste. Customers often hunt through stacks of lids to find one that no-one else has touched, in turn coming into contact with several lids they don’t plan to use – the rest end up on the ground or across the counter.

The new and improved Vollrath LidSaver 2 from FEM offers a solution to this problem. The LidSaver 2 delivers a single, clean, untouched lid when customers open the unit’s door. Designed for one-handed operation, it reduces waste, improves hygiene control and keeps operations clean and tidy. The unit has been reported by a major chain to have reduced their lid use by 30%, as well as being found to reduce the total number of bacteria living on lids by over 40%, including an over 80% decrease in yeast and mould counts.

The LidSaver 2 is quick and easy to install – the unit fits into existing cabinets, and, being light-weight and narrow, it doesn’t require any additional suspension support. It’s just as easy to maintain, holding a full sleeve of lids, which reduces the need for frequent restocking. The unit can be used to dispense more different kinds of lids than any other single lid dispenser. Plus, if the venue changes the lids it offers, then a LidSaver Retrofit Kit enables the operator to adapt the unit to suit in just a few minutes.




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