Make your own mince: recover customer confidence
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Mark Hogan CFSP

4th March 2013


Sirman’s new TC12 Denver Mincer from FEM

In the light of recent events, trust between consumer and provider has been threatened, particularly with regards to the quality of meat and where it comes from. For many restaurants, minced meat is an integral part of the menu, from Italian Restaurants to traditional British pubs and American diners.

Sirman’s new TC12 Denver Mincer from FEM offers a quick solution to producing homemade minced meat quickly and efficiently, giving users the chance to source their meat both ethically and freshly, calming any customer concerns.

There are many advantages to producing homemade mince. While the obvious factors include its better taste and freshness, the question of authenticity is also key, particularly since the discovery of horsemeat in certain supposedly beef products. By mincing meat manually, and on-site, the restaurant has complete control over what meat is being used, and therefore can assure customers the food on the menu has been ethically sourced, freshly and directly.

Sirman’s TC12 from FEM is ideal for commercial restaurants. Its durable design copes with heavy workloads and the wear and tear of service in commercial catering. The anodized aluminium body with ABS shockproof sides makes it both strong and secure, while its ventilated motor significantly minimises the risk of overheating during intensive work periods.

The mincer’s oil-bath gear box makes operation smooth, reliable and long-lasting. The machine also comes with a compartment for knives and plates, convenient for storage and easy to access, which is particularly useful during peak business hours.

While looks aren’t everything they can be important, especially if the unit is visible to customers. The TC12’s bright finished mouth and feeding worm, along with its smooth aluminium body, make it aesthetically pleasing and even stylish.

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