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Clare Borland

30th May 2013


The Sirman PDVC is an energy-saving Panini grill with a thermostat control and easy to clean surface making it the preferred choice for major coffee chains in the UK

Our Executive Chef Dushan Lukovic explains why

The PDVC ceramic panini grill has a ribbed 530 x 255mm cooking surface ideal for use in a busy café or coffee house. Our Chef Dushan explains, ‘For 200 customers per day go for a double grill with a large cooking surface and knowing how many paninis you can make at once is key for queue-busting’.

The thermostat control allows the user to adjust the temperature, another important feature for making a panini correctly. ‘The heat and time differs depending on the filling – the trick is to get the right setting for the right panini. Incorrectly this will have an effect on the taste and presentation of the panini, for example a cheese filling may melt too early or the crust will burn,’ says Dushan.

The PDVC panini grill has self-balancing upper plates which are needed to ensure the panini presentation is spot-on. Dushan explains that ‘The top of the grill should sit on top of the bread and the way to achieve this is by adjustment. If you could not adjust the height then the panini would be flat and thin as the weight of the grill would be resting on it.’

The grill is user-friendly and easy to operate with a useful drip tray for liquids and other cooking leavings built in, easy to clean plates thanks to the ceramic construction and adjustable feet to allow the gril to be placed safely and steadily on the work surface.

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