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Perfectly Hot Soup, Every Time!
Sophie Scott

1st November 2019

Perfectly Hot Soup, Every Time!

Chef Alan demonstrates the features of Vollrath's Mirage Induction Rethermaliser that allows you to heat products without any water while providing faster retherm times and better temperature control.

The Vollrath Mirage Induction Rethermaliser uses innovative induction technology to improve food quality and minimise food waste; while using a fraction of the energy. Its 800-watt 3D induction coil heats food evenly and efficiently. Heat is transferred directly to the induction-ready inset, which eliminates the need to monitor and refill water levels.

The unique stirring indicator monitors soup vessel temperature differentials and reminds operators when to stir, allowing you to create perfectly hot soup every time.

View the Vollrath Mirage Countertop Induction Soup Kettle

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