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Clare Borland

6th June 2014


Reduce energy & water consumption, cut running costs and deliver quality ice with Manitowoc's i-606 ice maker

Intelligent ice making

FEM has launched the Manitowoc i-606 icemaker, aimed at pubs, clubs and catering venues. The latest addition to the Indigo range reduces energy and water consumption, cuts running costs and delivers high volumes of quality ice.

The new i-606 is a modular system, designed to sit on a separate ice storage bin. Capable of making up to 286kg of ice cubes a day, the icemaker exceeds Energy Star standards, with a 10% reduction in energy consumption and a 5% improvement in production, compared to previous models.

The intelligent diagnostics system continually monitors the machine for maximum operating efficiency and reliability. An acoustic sensor listens to the sound of the ice forming to guarantee perfect operation, even in areas with hard water. The EasyRead display communicates operating status, providing cleaning reminders and useful information at a glance.

Designed to be easy to clean, the i-606 features a hinged front door and removable components to enable fast and efficient maintenance, with key components being made from AlphaSan antimicrobial material. The Duratech exterior provides corrosion resistance and the optional LuminIce™ inhibitor prevents the growth of yeast and bacteria within the ice making zone.

The i-606 is compatible with Manitowoc Ice Storage Bins B400, B570 & F700.

The i-606 is only 76cm wide, making it ideal for environments where space is at a premium.

View the Manitowoc ID0606A Indigo Modular Ice Maker


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