Postcards from Italy
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Mark Hogan CFSP

8th July 2013


Italian adventures: See what some of our team got up to on their recent trip to Sirman

Team spent 4 days in Italy with Sirman in June


Postcards from Italy

 Our team at Sirman HQ in Italy with Lorenzo Destro, Export Manager at Sirman SPA. 

 Sirman has 6 factories in Padova which our team visited during the trip.

Sirman is renowned for it's slicers, pictured here in production, with over 13 ranges which all include a number of models.

The team met with the President of Sirman, Nereo Marzaro.


From the President of Sirman to the Chancellor of Exchequer!  The team dined at the Cipriani restaurant in Torcello, one of the small islands in Venice where less than 20 people live.  George Osborne was dining at the next table! 

Myles Cahill from our Sales team tried out a vintage Sirman car - is that a thumbs up from him?! 

Fast forward a few years...this new car sports the updated Sirman logo and the company mascot, Zaffy! 

The team were lucky enough to spend time exploring Venice in the sunshine. 

This snap was taken in Padova, a city renowned for its University which is over 820 years old!

Nice view from the hotel bar - the Bellini's weren't bad either!

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