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Mark Hogan CFSP

4th December 2012


San Jamar Allergen Saf-T-Zone System from FEM

Caterers are becoming more liable for food allergen incidents and with an increased prevalance of food allergies, extra care is needed to protect customers and business reputation.

The San Jamar Allergen Saf-T-Zone System provides the basic tools to raise staff awareness and implement procedures to minimise the chance of allergens reaching customers with food allergies.  The Allergen Saf-T-Zone System is available in the UK from FEM. 

The San Jamar Allergen Saf-T-Zone System includes a purple cutting board and purple-handled tools, including 12-inch stainless-steel tongs; 10-inch stainless-steel, commercial-grade chef’s knife and a high-temperature, angled nylon turner. All tools and the board securely snap into a durable, matching purple case that keeps all the equipment separate from other equipment and allergens.

The Allergen Saf-T-Zone System is a simple but effective approach to safe food preparation. The kit can be used as a portable safe prep area when a customer with food allergies comes in, in order to avoid cross-contamination. It ensures there is always a dedicated range of allergen-free equipment clean and ready to use whenever required. 

The cutting board is embossed with warnings of the main eight food allergens, reminding staff to keep the prep area ring-fenced and to thoroughly clean and sterilise the equipment after use. The board also has an integrated ruler for easy portioning and cost control.

Made of hardwearing purple co-polymer material, the board is designed to withstand continual high temperature commercial washing without warping. The tools are also designed to be durable and to withstand high temperatures.

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