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Mark Hogan CFSP

4th December 2012

Cambro Versa Lite non-skid trays from FEM help prevent spills

In busy sites, carrying trays loaded with food and drinks always runs the risk of crockery and glassware slipping and causing spillage. As a solution Cambro has introduced a non-skid Versa Lite tray that is now available through Foodservice Equipment Marketing.

The reinforced polyester tray is non-skid, to provide a stable surface for safer meal delivery. This reduces spills and eliminates the expense and waste of using paper tray mats.

Designed for heavy use, the Versa Lite trays have reinforced corners and edges for strength and protection. They are dishwasher safe with a temperature resistance from -40°C to +100°C. Stacking lugs allow free air circulation for fast drying and perfect stacking.

Sizes available are 355 x 457mm and 330 x 430mm in high profile and 530 x 370mm, 530 x 325mm in the flat edge version. Their sturdy construction allows 2 year pro-rated warranty against breakage under normal use.

View the Versa Lite non-skid trays



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