Creamy smoked fish between pasta sheets: Part 2
FEM Chef

21st April 2015

Smoked haddock and cod, fish sauce all in between pasta sheets

For creamy pasta fish lovers

Fish sauce - 

Stud couple of onions with cloves
Melt 200gr of butter in the pan, add 90gr plain flour and cook for couple of minutes stirring, almost making a thin roux.
Put studded onions, 2 bay leafs 900ml milk, 400ml cream all together in a sauce pan. Bring all to boil and simmer for 15 minutes.
Strain through a chinois and cool.
Set aside

To prepare the filling –

Add olive oil to a sauce pan heated up, sauté shallots and red onion till translucent, add garlic followed by mushrooms, stirring in between, and add all your herbs and spices, followed by curly kale.

Cut your smoked fish in 2.5cm -3cm pieces and add them in last ( skin peeled ), gently folding them with the rest of the ingredients, at the very end add couple of glasses of dry white vino, to deglaze and let it all reduce for 5 minutes, take off the heat and cool down.
Strain all, add cooking juices to your fish sauce and gently fold.

To assemble the whole dish -

Use a 2/3, 55mm gastro pans. Brush the bottom of it with soft butter
Lay pasta sheets first, top them up with sauce then you filling of smoked fish and ingredients. Keep on building them up as you would a lasagne although it’s not a lasagne, till you used everything. Finish with sauce, top it with grated parmesan and sun blushed tomatoes, just like you would a lasagne, that it’s not.

I usually leave the dish overnight in the fridge, for all ingredients to infuse the flavours and bake it the next day. This dish is very versatile, you could cook it there and then, leave it for the next day and cook, freeze it uncooked, or cook blast chill, portion individually then freeze and re generate as you need.

To Bake –

Pre heat the oven to 165C, bake at 165 for 25-30minutes or until baked, golden brown.
I served it with, tempura courgettes or zucchini on the side, or garden peas. You can wrap a scallop in a pancetta and lay it on top of each slice as you serve. It is a healthy option for all creamy pasta fish lovers.
Hope it puts a smile on your face.

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