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Clare Borland

24th February 2014


Ideal for chains, the New Hamilton Beach Commercial Eclipse Blender is efficient, programmable, and, unlike most blenders, quiet.

The new Hamilton Beach Commercial Eclipse Blender

Coffee houses and cafes are more popular than they’ve ever been, not just for their espressos, but their smoothies and iced drinks too. A recent study by Zagat Staff indicates that noise irritates diners more than anything else, and conventional blenders, with their loud motors and blades working overtime to crush fruit and ice quickly, exacerbate this.

Hamilton Beach Commercial has found a solution with its latest blender, the Eclipse. It not only works quietly, but it is more efficient and reliable than many traditional blenders. This, combined with its programmable design, makes it ideal for high street establishments such as chain restaurants and cafes, as well as businesses looking for something reliable, easy to use, and, ultimately, quiet.

The new Hamilton Beach Commercial Eclipse is marketed in the UK by Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM).

For Eclipse to operate effectively but with minimal noise, Hamilton Beach Commercial has developed its own QuietBlend technology. This reduces its noise level to 60-70 dB, the same as normal conversation. The blender sits within a QuietShield, which seals it tightly and significantly blocks the sound of its operation cycle. Air is taken in from the bottom of the machine and then emitted through a small exhaust at the rear base of the unit, further reducing noise.

Most traditional blenders can only be used for a limited amount of time before they overheat, which can lead to permanent damage. Eclipse’s advanced airflow design means significantly less air is needed for cooling, compared to conventional blenders and mixers, so the risk of overheating is virtually eliminated.

Eclipse’s display notifies users if it’s getting too hot, with a simple instruction on how to run its cool down cycle.

Particularly useful to chains is its Custom Programs feature. Client recipes can be stored onto a memory card that is then inserted it into a slot on the side of the machine.

It comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty, or 20,000 cycles.

View the Hamilton Beach Commercial Eclipse Blender

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