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Stylish, versatile and eclectic design ready for display
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Megan Nesbitt

1st July 2019

Stylish, versatile and eclectic design ready for display

FEM introduces new Pujadas buffet display range

FEM has launched the latest in buffet and presentation ware from Pujadas. The collection provides a fresh look with its eye-catching Bamboo Buffet display range. To accompany the launch, FEM is also offering the Black Wire Display Baskets, a collection designed to be compatible with the Bamboo products.

The Bamboo Buffet models provide a sleek, elegant addition to Pujadas’ table service and display catalogue, with a natural looking bamboo presentation offered by each of the collection’s buffet boxes and box lids.

Modular buffet display equipment has become a firm favourite, due to its combination of flexibility and stylish aesthetic, attributes demonstrated in FEM’s growing collection of Pujadas presentation products. The Bamboo units offer versatility, providing the options of both storage and display. They can seamlessly be used alongside models in the Cubic range, Pujadas’ stackable, modular units, to create an eclectic, multi-functional buffet presentation. 

The Bamboo Buffet models are available in three sizes, GN 1/1, GN 1/2 and GN 1/3, with each providing two different options, one tall, the other short. There is also a lid available for each size. These lids can also be combined with the Black Wire Display Baskets, providing an eye-catching pairing of textures. The Black Wire Baskets are available in two sizes, 1/1 GN, which is 120mm deep, and 1/2 GN, which is 120mm deep.

The largest bamboo box is the tall GN 1/1, which is 200mm high. The smallest box is the short GN 1/3, which is 100mm high.

View the Pujadas Bamboo Buffet Display range.
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