That’s the way to dough it!
Stacey Archibald

9th October 2015

Sirman Pizza Dough Rollers


We have launched the Sirman Pizza Dough Rollers to the UK catering market. They help caterers make light-work of preparing the perfect pizza dough.

Pizzas will always be one of the catering industry’s must-offer money spinners and customer favourites, so investing in the right equipment is essential. Pizzas freshly made on the premises not only taste so much better than brought-in varieties, but offer great versatility as they can be topped with in-house speciality flavours or to the customer’s own specifications.

The Sirman Pizza Dough Rollers are practical and easy-to-use, making rolling out circles of dough to prepare pizza and speciality breads both simple and fast. To protect the characteristics of the dough, they operate without heat. The thickness and diameter of the rolled-out dough circles can be easily adjusted, based on the chef's preference.

Constructed from strong, durable stainless steel the Dough Rollers are perfect for heavy-duty use in commercial kitchens. Parts are easily removable for thorough cleaning.

FEM supplies the Sirman Pizza Dough Rollers in two sizes, 12 inch and 16 inch. The smallest in the range, the SP 310/2, measures 440mm (w) x 380mm (d) x 615mm (h)

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