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Toast it your way with Vollrath Energy-saving Conveyor Toasters
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Sophie Scott

19th November 2019

Toast it your way with Vollrath Energy-saving Conveyor Toasters

Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has introduced new high-speed conveyor toasters from Vollrath.

The new models are capable of toasting large quantities of bread in a fast and consistent manner, making them ideal for breakfast services in hotels or other situations. The models available are the JT2 and JT3, which can handle two or three slices simultaneously with a maximum output of up to 540 and 700 slices an hour respectively.

Each unit incorporates energy-efficient, fast-acting quartz heaters and forced convection with variable speed control to give the required level of toasting. Both top and bottom sides can be set independently for even greater control over results.

They also feature a standby mode that reduces power consumption by up to 75% when not in use, but which allows the toaster to get back up to operational temperature quickly.

The three slice units are recommended for high volume applications, while the two-slice units are ideal for both low volume and self-serve applications. Both are constructed with hard-wearing, easy to maintain stainless steel allowing them to keep pace with the busiest working environments.

“These toasters are simple to use but their configurability makes them a powerful addition to a range of foodservice styles and businesses,” says Mark Hogan, commercial director of FEM.

Each unit is 603mm deep and 356mm high, while the two-slice is 359mm wide and the three-slice is 458mm. List prices are £1340 for the JT2 and £1630 for the JT3.

For more information and details of local stockists call FEM on 01355 244111 or email sales@fem.co.uk

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