Trolleys designed to deliver better banquets
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Stacey Archibald

4th August 2017

FEM’s banquet trolleys hold up to 192 plates of food, in perfect condition


The perfect banquet needs the prefect food. FEM’s latest heated BQ2 banquet trolleys hold hot food safely, keeping it moist without condensation, even over extended periods. Whether plated or in multiportion pans, the meals stay looking good and flavoursome. FEM offers three sizes of BQ2 trolley, all manufactured by Alto-Shaam, with capacities ranging from 109kg, or 96 covered plates measuring 254mm (10”), up to 218kg, or 192 plates.

The secret to the long holding time is Alto-Shaam’s Halo Heat system. It supplies a gentle heat that surrounds the food, and is uniform throughout the cabinet. The precise temperature control means there’s no need to add moisture or steam. The electronic thermostat allows for a wide temperature range, adjustable from 16 to 93°C.

The trolleys are manufactured from stainless steel, inside and out, and run off a 13 amp supply. Their 152mm castors and transport handles make them easily manoeuvrable, while bumper surrounds protect them in transit. High performance insulation means that they can be transported over long distances with minimal loss of heat, provided the doors remain shut. Once at the dining area, they can be plugged in and the food held until required.

We supply a full range of accessories so that the banquet trolleys can be adapted for any type of holding system, including
covered plates, covered or uncovered plate carriers, trays and serving pans.

View the Alto-Shaam range of Halo-Heat Banquet Carts.


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