Winning Chips
Clare Borland

19th February 2014


Serve the perfect chips throughout National Chip Week and beyond with these products including potato chipper, salt portioner and sauce dispenser!

This week is National Chip Week

We’re right in the middle of National Chip Week so there’s no better time to check out our key products that will ensure that when the chips are down, your fries will be the favourite. With more than 1.6 million tonnes of potatoes made into chips in the UK every year, there’s a lot of competition. This pick of products will make sure you stand out from the rest!

Get the cut just right with the Vollrath French Fry Potato Chipper. With a heavy-duty nickel-plated ductile cast iron frame and handle, this durable cutter produces consistently sized potato pieces and improves the serving presentation. The screw holes on the base of the legs allow the Potato Chipper to be mounted to a table or wall for easy access. Remember, using the right potatoes makes all of the difference – for light, fluffy chips the most popular choices are Maris Piper and King Edward – and the durable stainless steel ‘V’ trough on the Potato Chipper guarantees smooth operation.

Millions of chip-lovers prefer their fries lightly salted, and they like consistency of flavour. Revisiting a chip shop they’ve had great chips from before, customers know what to expect. That’s where the Server In-Season Salt Portioning Dispenser can help. It ensures your chips deliver a consistent taste every time by controlling the portion of salt used. The ‘spread’ serving pattern is designed specifically for chips and with 3 portion-control triggers you won’t go wrong.

Chip fans have their own individual preferences when it comes to sauces and condiments. When a customer asks for ketchup, reach for a Vollrath FlowCut Squeeze Dispenser. These dispensers are perfect for portioning condiments more quickly and easily than ever, and the patented silicon valve flip top allows easy squeezing and dispensing with the bottle upside down.









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