Pizza Ovens

Sirman pizza ovens are an essential piece of equipment for restaurants that want to serve the perfect pizza.   

Freshly produced pizzas are extremely popular and are one of the catering industries' must-offer money spinners.  Stone-baked electric pizza ovens allow caterers to produce pizzas with the aroma and taste closest to a traditional pizzeria.

Our range of electric pizza ovens from Sirman are constructed to the highest standards to withstand constant use.  Construction consists of stainless steel and aluminium-plated cooking chambers with a stone baking deck to give pizza that authentic texture and taste.

Authenticity is vital when it comes to pizza, with consumers aware of everything from ingredients to presentation and taste.  Traditionally pizzas were stone baked, but with developments in technology, market-leading electric pizza ovens are now able to reproduce the true pizza taste in any kitchen set-up.

With separate thermostats for the baking deck and the cooking chamber, plus steam vents and a safety thermostat, chefs can be sure the cooking climate remains at the optimum temperature for their pizzas.  Meanwhile, a panoramic glass door on many models means that pizzas can be monitored without letting valuable heat out.

Brand-new Sirman Aetna electric pizza ovens – the perfect energy-efficient ovens for operators looking to produce high quantities of pizza over a long serving period quickly and consistently.  Suitable for cooking all types of pizza, Aetna offers all the features of a modern pizza oven.  They are available as a single, double or triple-deck, cooking up to six pizzas in just 3.5 minutes. 

The vast range of pizza ovens available from Sirman means you will find the perfect pizza oven for your set-up, from smaller space-saving models like the Stromboli to the more extravagant Aetna models.

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