Rotisserie Ovens

With smart and innovative product designs, Doregrill and Alto-Shaam Rotisserie ovens make operators' lives easier.   

Doregrill beautifully hand-crafts their gas and electric commercial rotisserie ovens making them perfect for the front-of-house experience.

Rotisserie-cooked meat is generally juicier, self-basted, and slow-roasted. Investing in a rotisserie grill, allows your business to produce larger quantities of mouth-watering poultry products while saving labour and electricity in the kitchen.

Innovative design, a combination of materials, a variety of colours, a meticulous finish, motors and components selected for top performance, the choice between different capacities and energy sources, and brand personalisation means you can find the perfect Doregrill rotisserie to suit your business needs.

From small and compact models such as the NANTAISE Electric Basket Rotisserie which is perfect for operators wishing to maximise space to the high-powered MAGFLAM 5 Gas Spit Rotisserie which has an authentic look of old-time cooking – ideal for front-of-house.

The most extravagant in the range in the D-ONE High-Speed Rotisserie with Automatic Cleaning featuring multiple cooking options including basket, spit roast, grill, convection and steaming.  With unparalleled cooking results created by programs that combine fan-driven hot air and direct infrared heating, and glass sides enabling a panoramic front-of-house view. Complete with an independent self-cleaning system it makes rotisserie cooking easier in your operation.

Create perfectly cooked chicken every time with our commercial rotisserie ovens, browse the range online!

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