Meat Slicers

Boasting over 50 years of experience, Sirman offers safe, precise and high-performance slicers designed with maximum attention to every detail.  The Sirman meat slicer range includes slicing machines designed for varying levels of use within commercial kitchens.

A meat slicer is an extremely versatile product that can be used in various sectors, including butcher’s shops, supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurant kitchens, and canteens.  In fact, in addition to cold meats and sausages, it can also be used to slice other types of meats, as well as vegetables and cheeses.

The Sirman range includes two different types of slicers: based on the positioning of the blade: vertical slicers, also known as flat slicers, and inclined slicers, also known as gravity slicers.

The professional slicer from Sirman is developed to the highest standard with safety, versatility and high performance in mind.

From entry-level to heavy-duty slicers – find the perfect slicer for your needs.

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