CamSquare® FreshPro Containers

Revolutionise your kitchen with new Cambro CamSquares® FreshPro Series Food Storage Containers, made from durable Camwear®.  Each size, from 1.9 to 10.8L, has moulded-in, recessed handles so the containers take up less space than traditional storage options. 

The FreshPro’s curved corners and textured grip enable safer, four-sided pouring and easier handling.  The colour-coded system with matching covers drains and easy-to-read graduations offer at-a-glance inventory and ease of use, essential for fast-paced kitchens.

The Easy Seal Cover fits tightly and protects contents from cross-contamination while offering a shelf-life extension of ingredients.  Optional drain shelves help boost ingredients’ freshness by lifting items out of their juices.

Take your food preparation and storage to the next level with the efficient FreshPro Series of CamSquares!

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