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Discover the Pro Cart Ultra® - the ultimate food transport cart. Enjoy flexible holding for every menu with the insulated server that can actively heat or chill your carefully prepared meals.


The Cambro Pro Cart Ultra® holds GN food pans, sheet pans, trays and pizza boxes all in one sturdy polyethylene exterior designed to withstand heavy commercial use. Choose from Electric (Heated), Electric (Cold), Electric (Top Hot, Bottom Cold), and Non-Electric variants. 


Electric variants offer:


•       Heated models: keep food safely between 65°C and 74°C with pre-set buttons

•       Gentle, non-radiant heat circulates consistently from front to back

•       Cold models: digital controller allows cold to be set from 0.3°C to 4.4°C

•       Perfect for applications that require frequent door opening and closing

•       Cord keeper stores the power cord neatly and safely

•       CFC-free, polyurethane insulation maximises heat


Non-Electric variants offer:


•       Holding of hot food for 4 hours or more

•       Polyethylene exterior retains food moisture

•       Menu pocket for easy product ID

•       Casters and perimeter bumper for easy navigation

•       Solar digital thermometer to monitor internal cabinet temperature

•       Nylon latches for easy opening and closing to secure contents during transport

•       Gasket-free, worry-free door maintains a tight seal for maximum temperature retention

•       Magnetic quick-close on door

•       Ergonomic moulded-in in handles


These carts are ideal for restaurants and catering operations that serve a variety of meals from chilled to piping hot. The Pro Cart Ultra® provides a small footprint with a big impact – letting you choose the server you need, browse the range.

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