Temperature Maintenance Accessories

Extend temperature maintenance within your business to ensure safe food holding during transportation or food delivery with Cambro Camwarmers, Camchillers, and Thermobarriers.

Camchillers are a simple and effective cold food temperature holding tool that allows you to extend cold food holding. These chiller plates are an ideal companion for your transport and delivery equipment. Simply place the cold plate flat in a freezer overnight and add to your holding container to prolong holding of chilled foods beyond 4 hours.

Camwarmers keep hot food hot during holding and transporting. Simply heat the food warmer in either a hot water bath or oven then add to your holding container to easily extend hot food holding. These hot plates also give the added benefit of reducing heat loss during transportation if you are opening the doors of your food delivery boxes frequently.

The newest addition to the temperature maintenance range is the GoHeat Warming Tray which allows you to keep food hot anywhere. Designed to fit in the bottom of top-loading and front-loading Cambro GoBoxes®, and warms to 75˚C in just 10 minutes after plugging in. The large heated surface of these food warmers fits GN 1/1 food pans and a wide variety of takeaway containers.

Complete your temperature maintenance control with Thermobarriers, a highly valuable yet economical temperature maintenance tool for caterers in keeping food hot or cold within your food transportation products.

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