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Dunnage Racks are a must-have for any commercial kitchen. These handy racks raise food off the floor of storage units, reducing the risk of pests getting to food.


A versatile solution for freezers, coolers, and dry storage, Dunnage Racks are constructed of durable, rust-proof material that never dents, corrodes, or bends. The slotted tops provide an ideal holding space allowing air to circulate perishable products from transportation to your storage system.



The one-piece, heavy-duty construction is easy to clean and holds inventory 305mm safely off the floor. Dunnage Racks are available in a wide range of sizes, so can be used in any storage unit, even if size is at a premium. The racks can also be used in conjunction with each other, for larger storage units.


The racks include a connector, allowing multiple racks to be locked together. Our Dunnage racks will never rust or corrode, and can be used safely in dry storage units and commercial freezers.


In fact, polypropylene Dunnage Racks can withstand temperatures as low as -38°C.


Keeping products away from the floor and contaminants is a key step in a responsible foodservice operation – explore our Cambro Dunnage Racks online today.

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