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Customise your storage with our range of Camshelving storage accessories from Cambro.

Commercial kitchens come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each one will need storage solutions that fit their unique needs. Our range of accessories includes; divider bars, drying racks, and security cages.

Straight or angled divider bars help create a custom storage unit that can accommodate a variety of storage products and sizes on a single Camshelving unit. The bar design allows the holding of food, pans and boxes for a more ergonomic reach. Divider bars also feature a raised bar on the front edge to keep racks and pans from sliding off the front of shelving units.

Our easy to install drying racks sit on shelving traverses allowing for sanitary drying and an efficient storage solution that maximising your holding space. Angled drying racks securely hold a variety of pans, pots and kitchen wares making these racks an ideal choice for heavy commercial use, while straight racks hold trays, baking sheet pans, cutting boards, lids and other kitchen supplies during the drying process.

Cambro security cages ensure that high-value items are stored safely while allowing for easy inventory. Designed for use with a padlock or combination lock the unique modular design provides the flexibility to be suitable for both stationary and mobile Camshelving units.

These accessories can help smooth the operation of any commercial kitchen, browse our range online today.

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